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Well, it’s still a new year, and that means it’s not late to make new resolutions. Ever thought of buying a second rental house in Houston, TX? Oh, you have? Then just go ahead and add that in your New Year’s Resolutions list.

Wait… Or should we instead invest in a manufactured home? We Buy Fast Houston Houses thinks is a far better option.

What are manufactured homes?

You might not be familiar with the term, but you’ve definitely heard about mobile homes, right? Well, mobile homes are what we’re referring to as manufactured homes. These properties are prefabricated structures that have been constructed in some off-site somewhere, and then transported to the new owner’s preferred location. 

How can I find a manufactured home in Houston, TX?

The real estate business is not your everyday business. You’ll have to look for the right connections if you wish to invest in a property that’s profitable. Otherwise, you’ll fail and you’ll have no one to blame, but you.

If we were you, we would start by talking to a cash buyer. Someone like We Buy Fast Houston Houses—a professional real estate investment company that knows all things property investment.

Be wary when working with cash buyers though. Some people masquerade as cash buyers just to take advantage of naïve real estate buyers who’re still trying to learn how to navigate the housing market. Do your homework before reaching out to anyone. We all have family members and friends who’ve invested in properties before. You could ask for referrals from them if you don’t know where to start looking.

The second option is working with a real estate agent. We Buy Fast Houston Houses doesn’t like recommending a realtor because of the 6 percent commission that they often charge their clients but we would rather have you deal with that than have you lose your entire life’s savings to a con.

Have you told your family friends or neighbors you’re looking to buy a manufactured home in Houston, Texas? Or did you forget “word of mouth” is a reliable strategy in real estate? You can never know who’s looking to sell or even who know someone who’s looking for a mobile home buyer unless you ask. So the next time you attend any function, let guys know you’re in the market looking to invest.

What’s the budget?

All we will say is, when you’re buying a mobile home in Houston, Texas, treat the transaction as you would when buying a typical family home. These properties come in three different sizes: there’s triple-wide, double-wide, and single-wide. A bigger mobile home will obviously be more costly in comparison to a smaller one.

One other factor that you’ll have to take into account is the land that the structure sits on. If you’ll be transporting it to your property after purchase, the price will be significantly lower than that of someone who’s buying it on land.

So, are you ready to make the investment? Reach out to We Buy Fast Houston Houses and let us know. 

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