Counter Offer Etiquettes When Selling My Houston, TX House Fast

Selling my home quickly in Houston, Texas, is not the kind of transaction that should be taken lightly. Before you do anything or make any decision, learn about the selling steps. Among the fundamental elements of negotiating and selling, we have offers and counter offers.

So if you’re about to sell a house fast, or if you’re thinking of becoming a real estate investor, this is your guide. Just stick around and you’ll learn the etiquette of a counter offer, or how the process works.

What’s a counter offer?

Both real estate buyers and sellers in Houston, Texas, deal with offers and counter offers. However, this article is not meant to help homebuyers, as it focuses on the seller’s end.

After making sure my house is ready for the Houston, Texas market, you’ll employ the services of a real estate agent to help you list on the MLS. Once the property is listed, offers will start streaming in. Of course, that’s if buyers find the house appealing.

The first offer that you receive from a prospective buyer will be lower than your asking price. that’s because the buyer might be looking for a fair deal or is short on what you asked. Anyway, these are your options in such a situation:

  • Accept the offer as is
  • Reject the offer
  • Respond with a counter offer

Your counter offer, will be an offer that falls between your asking price and the buyer’s offer. so let’s say the asking price stood at $200,000. Maybe the buyer placed an offer of $150,000. Obviously, that offer is less than the asking price. Therefore, you’ll make a counter offer of $180,000. And if the buyer finds that reasonable, you can both work towards closing the deal.

The ultimate goal of a counter offer has always been to convince the buyer to accept a price closer to what you want to sell my home for. But if they still don’t like the counter offer, they’ll make a counter, counter offer. Again, you have the same options you heard earlier.

Following a proper etiquette

Be open to negotiations

If you’re to receptive to negotiations, the process won’t work. And you’ll probably feel like you’re stuck with a home that you do not want.

Understand the buyer

Understand the process from the homebuyer’s perspective. What are they thinking? Why are they making a counter, counter offer? Are they serious about closing? All these are questions that you should be asking yourself.


Let the buyer know why you think the property should be priced higher. Come up with a presentation if you have to. All that’s important is, the buyer understands your situation.

Be professional

Selling my home fast in Houston, Texas, is not something personal. It’s all business. so when the buyer keeps showing up with an offer than lower than what you expect, do not feel insulted.

Respond quickly

Do not keep the buyer waiting. To be honest, it’s not professional and is a sign of disrespect. And finally, if you need to learn more about counter offers, talk to We Buy Fast Houston Houses.

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