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We Buy Fast Houston Houses lives by one mantra, and one mantra alone: Do not let any opportunity pass you by, just because you’re scared of unfamiliarity. And if you do, you’ll not only be doing yourself a great disservice, but also letting the entire world down.

Let’s talk about selling my house fast in Houston, Texas, as an example. In the past, most of us believe that employing the services of a real estate agent when disposing off a property in Texas was the only way to earn top dollar. But that’s no longer the case, as the world has evolved in so many different ways.

As time went by, a lot of property owners got tired of paying agents to find buyers or even negotiate great deals on behalf of sellers. Some of them tried selling without professional help, and when they realized it’s possible, they shared their experience with other sellers. Needless to say, that was the birth of the FSBO method.

Unfortunately, not every Tom, Dick and Harry was cut for this. And that’s why most people failed terribly, consequently losing thousands of dollars in the process.

But not even such daunting experiences were enough to push them back to the conventional ways of selling homes in Houston, Texas. You see, instead of throwing in the towel, they came together and started a company that could offer better services to buyers and sellers out there.

To make sure the company had the prerequisite level of experienced that could define how successful the business would be, they hired real estate attorneys and experts from other fields.

Long story short, that was how we started our We Buy Fast Houston Houses company.

The Realtor’s Commission

Selling my home to an investor like as is simple and very cost effective. The whole process is often referred to as a direct sale, primarily because you (the seller) get to sell my house DIRECTLY to the buyer.

There’s no need of including a real estate agent in our business, unless you feel the need to. And if you do, be prepared to pay at least 6 percent of the final sale price, as commission. To put that into context, 6 percent of 300,000 dollars, which is the average price of a home in Houston Texas, is 18,000 dollars.


The traditional method of selling my house in Houston, Texas is defined by a series of steps. And one of those steps is the showings. Here, you’ll have to first find someone to help you thoroughly clean my home before the agent lists it on the Multiple Listing Service.

Every potential buyer has to find the house spotless, if you wish to increase your odds of getting a good offer. and they won’t care if you’re having dinner in the evening or if you’re away at work.


Other than the commission, this right here is the other common reason as to why many sellers find themselves reaching out to cash investors like We Buy Fast Houston. Nobody wants to invest their time and money in a home that won’t serve them in any way.

Call us today, and we’ll explain in details what the whole direct sale process entails.

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