An As-Is Home Sale In Houston, Texas

People have different goals when selling my home fast in Houston, Texas. However, most of the time, the goal is to sell and move on. If you’ve been looking for avenues to sell your property quickly, this is the article for you. We Buy Fast Houston Houses will show you how you can as my home as-is, and not waste time while you’re at it.

Home Sale In Houston

What does it mean to sell my home as-is in Houston, Texas?

To be on the same page, we felt we should first clarify what selling my house as-is means. So selling the property as-is, means selling it in its current state. You won’t concern yourself with the repairs or upgrades. All you have to do is reach out to a buyer, and try to negotiate a better offer.

It’s so very important to make sure that both parties agree no repairs won’t be made. And to avoid legal battle down the road, you two should sign a binding agreement that says you are both fully aware the property is being sold the way it actually is, with all its problems. And all this should occur before the sale takes place.

What selling my home as-is Does Not mean

Like everything else, selling my home as-is in Houston, Texas, also comes with rules. For example, in certain states, if you’re the homeowner, you’ll be required by law to answer any and all the questions about the property’s current state honestly. Do not try to hide anything. if you do, you could lose everything because misrepresenting or intentionally hiding defects in the house is against the law.

Some of the information that you’ll be required to disclose as a seller include:

  • Termite damage
  • Appearance of mold
  • Leakey roof
  • Structural issues with the foundation, for example, major cracks
  • Major electrical or plumbing issues
  • Legal issues such as title problems
  • External problems like obnoxious noise levels
  • Unacceptable radon levels

You’ll be tempted to downplay some damages just to get more money from the buyer. Just remember the repercussions. And if you’re okay risking it all, do not regret later on when it comes back to bite you.

Benefits of selling my home as-is in Houston, Texas

Save money

A lot of the time people keep wondering who in their right mind would be okay with selling a home as-is and here’s the answer. Repairing a house is not cheap. And the costly will add up exponentially if you’ve been deferring those repairs. So why fix it now and when you’ll need the money to buy a new home right after?

The sale is quicker

Selling my home as-is is the fastest way to sell in Houston, Texas. Not even a real estate agent can promise to help you sell in a week or less. But We Buy Fast Houston Houses can.

You get cash

Who doesn’t really love cash? Also, why would you work with a buyer who’s not even sure if their mortgage will get approved?

Let’s just call it as it is. Selling my home as-is in Houston, Texas is better than selling conventionally.

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