Selling A Multifamily Home To A Cash Buyer In Houston, TX

Are you in the market looking for a multifamily Houston, Texas homebuyer? Then you’re in the right place. We Buy Fast Houston Houses knows the kind of struggle homeowners face. We know some of you struggle to keep up with mortgage, property taxes, utilities, and may other miscellaneous costs. So trying to sell and move on with your life is not something new to us.

When selling my house fast in Houston, Texas, you’ll learn about the three selling options. Of course, there’s the conventional real estate option which many of us are family with, there’s the FSBO option, and lastly, the investor route. If you work with We Buy Fast Houston Houses to sell my home quickly, you’ll be taking the real estate investor route.

Cash buyer in Houston

What’s so different about selling my home fast to a real estate cash buyer? A lot of things. For starters, we always understand the buyer. Being professionals, we know what hoops to jump so as to close deals faster. And on top of that, we often pay in cash.

Selling my house fast through the real estate agent means you’ll have to wait for the buyer to secure mortgage and for the property to be inspected. By the way, it’s not a guarantee that that buyer will secure the funds they need to close the deal. The mortgage might fall through and that means you’ll be taken back to square one.

Apart from the time wasted, we also have the issue of the commission. You won’t just be responsible for your agent’s commission. The buyer will also expect you to take care of his or her agent as well. Let’s assume for a minute that the commission on your side is 3%. If you sell my house fast at $200,000, you’ll pay $6,000 to your agent and a similar amount to the buyer’s agent. So in total, you’ll have to pay $12,000.

The second reason as to why you might want to work with We Buy Fast Houston Houses is the preparation costs. We often buy homes as-is. There are no cleaning, repairs, or upgrades needed. All you have to do is pick up the phone and wait for an offer. But if you take the agent’s route, you’ll have to make sure the property is market-ready. Being market-ready means spending a lot of money of repairs and upgrades.

Are you looking for an extended occupancy? We Buy Fast Houston Houses has got you. We are a property investment company and not retail buyers. So we won’t be looking to move in right away once the deal closes. In case you feel like you’re not ready to leave yet, we can give you the time you need to take care of your needs before making a decision.

A direct sale is a no-risk sale. Selling my home quickly to We Buy Fast Houston Houses is a straightforward process. Before we begin, we will explain the process and then show you the contract. You’ll also be less exposed to legal problems.

Are you ready to work with us? Just pick up your phone and start dialing. 

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