Selling My House As-Is In Houston, Texas

Selling house in HoustonSelling my home as is has always been an appealing option for anyone grappling to stay afloat or facing foreclosure. Also, selling my home ‘as is’ in Houston, Texas, does not mean that you’re walking away from any significant equity. So do not believe what you hear out here. Not everyone is a real estate expert, or know everything about the housing market.

But, first things first! What does it mean to sell my home ‘as is’ in Houston, Texas?

Selling my home ‘as is’ in Houston, Texas, means you’re selling the property at its current state. There will be no repairs or upgrades made, when the house finally goes on the market. And buyer’s already know homes that are sold as is have faults or flaws.

However, the house won’t go for the same price are other similar homes already listed. You only get lowball offers, because buyers have to assume a certain level of risk. Also, buyers have to sign a purchase agreement before they close the deal. The document will explicitly lay out the risks involved, and hence, confirm the homebuyer is not hoodwinked into thinking the house is in a pristine condition.

Why sell my home ‘as is’ in Houston, Texas?

The prime reason why people often prefer working with real estate investors when selling my home fast in Houston, Texas, is the opportunity to sell “as is.” You get to save a lot of money that could have catered for upgrades and repairs.

Therefore, if you think foreclosure is imminent, or if you’re struggling financially, you could opt for the sell “as is” option and use the proceeds to start a new life elsewhere.

Setbacks to selling my home as is in Houston, Texas

The one major drawback that we cannot ignore is the fact that a significant fraction of the market won’t be interested in making you an offer for an “as is” home. Over the years, these properties have garnered a poor reputation. Most homebuyers seem to think they are either unfixable or too expensive to fix.

In addition to that, the term “as is” already implies there’s work to be done. And very few Houston, Texas homebuyers are willing to invest in a house that needs a little work before moving in.

Most buyers who are interested in “as is” homes in Houston, Texas, often take advantage of this. But We Buy Fast Houston Houses is different.

Do you lose a lot of money when selling my home “as is?”

In essence, if you upgrade and repair the property before selling you’ll earn a lot more than when you sell it the way it actually is. But do keep in mind the fact that money is the main issue here. If you had money, you could have made all those renovations and sold at a good profit. Since you don’t have any, selling my home as is and fast is the only way you can avoid foreclosure or throw yourself a lifeline.

We Buy Fast Houston Houses would like to make you an all-cash offer. Call us.

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