Selling My House In Houston, Texas, Without The MLS

House In HoustonDo you own a house in Houston, Texas? if you do, you’ve already heard about the MLS. If you don’t, We Buy Fast Houston Houses is about to tell you all about it. But first, it’s prudent that you understand that we’re not trying to discourage any seller from selling my home conventionally in Houston, Texas. We’re simply trying to give you all the information that we think you need, to make informed decisions.

An MLs is an acronym that stand for the Multiple Listing Service. It’s basically a members-only site, meant to help real estate agents sell homes fast in an area. If you visit this website, you’ll realize that there are 3 levels: the local, state, and national level. Any real estate agent who’s part of this network is a designated realtor because you have to be licensed to be part of it.

Reasons why you need to avoid the MLS when selling my home fast in Houston, Texas:

a) Picking the wrong agent

As we said before, it’s a large network or real estate agents. We have agents who specialize in selling land, those who specialize in selling commercial properties, those who only help buy homes fast in Houston, Texas, etc. So when you’re trying to find one who’ll help you sell my home quickly, you’ll have to employ every tactic not to be duped. You might end up choosing a realtor who only knows how to sell vacant lots in Texas, and realize once it’s too late.

b) Time on the real estate market

The MLs usually keeps track of the number of days a property has been listed on the housing market. So if my home in Houston, Texas, has already been on the market for 90 days, that’s a red flag to potential buyers. According to them, it could only mean one of two things; the house has an issue, or buyers don’t find it’s features desirable. Even if nothing’s wrong with the property buyers will still think you’ll hiding something.

c) Highly qualified buyers

If you really want to sell my home fast, you should at least try to reach out to a cash buyer like We Buy Fast Houston Houses. Working with buyers drawn from the MLS is a real hassle. Most of the aren’t even pre-qualified yet and those who are, will still keep you waiting as they try to ascertain nothing is wrong with the property.

d) Commission fees

You’re not only expected to pay your agent’s commission, but that of the buyer’s agent as well. that’s in addition to the 3% closing costs that you’ll have to take care of before closing the deal. Of course, you can still sell without a real estate agent but if the buyer shows up with an agent, you’ll still be responsible for that fee. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sell fast or even sell at all.

e) Invasion of privacy

Are you okay with strangers walking around the house? Then why are you putting yourself through all that? We Buy Fast Houston Houses can help you sell fast, save a lot of money, and move on with your life. Just call us.

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