The Significance Of The Inspection And Appraisal Process In Houston, Texas

So you’ve already signed the contract and you can tell there’s no going back on this one. No matter what happens, my house has to be sold, and fast. But unfortunately, before handing over the keys, your real estate agent tells you that you still have two more hurdles to face: an appraisal and a home inspection. In this blog, We Buy Fast Houston Houses will be telling you more about these two processes We hope this will help you sell my house fast in Houston, Texas.

HOUSTONFirst up is the home inspection process. Typically, this process is scheduled and paid for by a Houston homebuyer, and it always takes place during the option period. What’s the significance of a home inspection? Well, it’s meant to identify and summarize concerns that any potential homebuyer should look into before making a purchase. Some of the items that the inspector will thoroughly inspect include the heating and air conditioning, exterior, roof, plumbing, general structure, electrical system, and insulation.

To put together an inspection report, the licensed professional will spend about 3- hours going through the property. In the report, you’ll find the working status or condition of each item in the house, and give a suggestion of what might need to be fixed. Normally, this report is kept in the hands of the homebuyer.

Okay once you pass the inspection hurdle, you’ll have to focus on the appraisal. It’s is important to a buyer who’s buying my home fast using a mortgage. There’s no lender out there who’ll be willingly to lend if they do not know the exact value of the property. That’s a risk that they aren’t ready to take because they have to know they’ll be able to recoup the money through selling fast if you default.

This process often takes place closer to the closing date. And you’ll come to learn that Houston house sellers hate that because they are most of the time stuck in limbo not knowing if the buyer will secure the loan.

So now that we know what these two processes are, would you like to know how to sway the jury when selling my house fast in Houston, Texas?

  • Fix anything that you see, or think, needs some work

If it’s not working properly, you need to fix it or give the buyer a discount while selling my house fast in Houston, Texas. And we’re not just talking about the interior items. This rule also applies to exterior features.

  • The clutter should be de-cluttered

This is something that you should do before the property hits the market. a home inspector will go to those areas that you normally don’t, so you’ll have to move everything away from the walls. In fact, if you can, you should rent a storage unit.

  • Make time for a scrub down

Omitting a deep cleaning will hurt you by sabotaging the home sale. hire a professional cleaner who’ll make that house sparkle. And if you do not have time or money to invest in such, you should reach out to We Buy Fast Houston Houses.

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