The Worst Time To Think About Selling In Houston, Texas

Do you think it’s time to sell my Houston home in Texas? Then you first need to learn more about the real estate market, and what’s the best or worst time to sell. You cannot just list a house for sale without looking at the statistics or think logically. Like every other seller, your ultimate goal will be to sell fast and that’s going to be impossible if you list when the property demand is low. Also, selling when you’re stuck in a dicey situation is a terrible move. One that will come back to bite you.

Worst times to sell my Houston home in Texas

During foreclosure

We Buy Fast Houston Houses is a property investment company that has been buying and selling homes in Houston, Texas, for a while now. So when we tell you that you should not list my home the conventional way because you’re trying to avoid foreclosure, you should trust us. A foreclosure is not something that should be toyed around with. It’s something that can mess up your financials for years to come. Therefore, if you’re looking to avoid it, you should opt for a direct sale. The kind of sale that will allow you sell my home as is and fast.

For an investment opportunity

You shouldn’t list just because your real estate agent or whoever you’re working with has told you there’s an opportunity you should try to explore. Deal with one investment opportunity at a time. If you want to sell, do so and then think of what’s next. Do not sell, so as to buy. That’s not smart.

If my home needs work

A house that still needs work won’t get the same attention as one that’s move-in ready. We all know that. So why would you risk it? Why would you think it’s okay to list my home without making repairs? You’ll only waste a lot of money trying to find a buyer and chances are, the property will go stale on the market. The only way you can sell as is in Houston, Texas, is if you sell to a cash buyer.

When you have tenants

Are your tenants making your life miserable? If the answer is yes, are you thinking of selling the house? Well, you should try to find a retail buyer because very few of them are willing to work with tenants that they know nothing about. Also, do not think even for a second that the tenants will give any potential buyer a warm reception.

You have to move quickly

Why’s this a bad time to list in Houston, Texas? It’s a bad time because there’s no traditional sale that has managed to close in less than three months. Mark you that’s if you’re lucky. Some sellers have had to watch their homes spend almost a year on the market.

The point is, if you seriously have to sell my home during one of these worst times, you should at least consider working with a cash investor. Just call us, and we will tell you more.

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